(17/01/16) General update

Belated happy new year everyone!

Due to some system difficulty and easier maintenance for us, we decided to permanently move our downloads over You will find all link in each game page from our site as well.

We also have new fanarts by kawaiineko-kona which you can check out!

(17/08/14) Shutter Chance now on Android!

(27/08/13) Shutter Chance released!

We are happy to announce the release of the short game Shutter Chance!

Back in March we took part in #pphsjam but due to various problems, we had to cut the game shorter to meet the deadline. You can find the previously released version here.
With everything now sorted out, we went back to it and add all those little things it was lacking!

For our android users: it was our hope to release both PC and Android versions at the same time, but we unfortunately underestimated how much it would take to since litewolf will be MIA in September. We will get back to it around October so stay tuned as we might need extra phones for testing the app!

(29/07/13) Fanworks section open!

We now have our very own fanworks section!
noomimono opens it with a fun work based on School Festival.

If you have works based on our games you'd like to send us, feel free to do so by contacting us or Moe's DA. Remember to write under what alias you want to be credited and a link to a page with your work in full size.
Please note that we have the last word on what gets published and what doesn't: in case we find the material too questionable, we reserve the right not to publish your work.

(15/04/13) School Festival now on Android!